How Does Financial Planning Work


“The only man who makes no mistakes
is the man who never does anything”
Theodore Roosevelt

Talking to a stranger about money and your future plans can be difficult; it is a similar experience to visiting a doctor when you are suddenly asked to disclose all your private information. It can be daunting and frightening. But it is very important that you feel comfortable talking to me about your private financial issues. It is also necessary for you to feel that I am the right person to help and assist you in building a long-term financial plan to reach your future goals.

So, to make things a little bit easier for you, there will be no cost to you for our first meeting – is on me.

If we are both happy to proceed further, I will advise you what the next step will be and of any associated cost from that point on.

Financial Planning process consists of six steps:
  1. Getting to know each other. It is the best time to can ask questions regarding my background, experience, charges and how I work. We will also discuss your specific area of needs and goals. 
  2. Gathering your data, identifying  goals and expectations. Based on our discussion we identify short and long-term goals, which become the foundation for developing your plan. 
  3. Assessing  and evaluating your financial situation. I will analyse your current position: assets, liabilities, any personal insurance coverage, investments, tax.
  4. Preparing a financial plan. I will recommend strategies, products and services in the form of a written financial plan (Statement of Advice), which I will present to you during our follow-up appointment.
  5. Implementing the recommendations. After presenting you the Statement of Advice (SoA), and when you are ready to go ahead, your plan, strategies and products will be implemented.
  6. Monitoring the financial plan. Plan preparation is only a start. It is essential to regularly review your plan to ensure that allowance and adjustments for any lifestyle and financial changes are kept on track.

This is why I take the time to fully understand your needs, goals and preferences before providing you with any recommendations.

Your financial plan is as unique as your life and circumstances, and I want to ensure that my advice will give you peace of mind and feeling of security, knowing that you are well prepared for the future.


Contact me to create your unique plan to reach your goals