“We are what we repeatedly do.
Excellence, then, is not an act, but a habit”

We have known Katherine Isbrandt for some 12+ years during which time she has worked as our financial planner/advisor.  Katherine has always been extremely professional, reliable and considerate of our needs.  We have had no hesitation in recommending her to family and friends who have expressed a desire to find a financial planner prepared to listen, understand and advise in a “user-friendly”  manner.

David & Lois Dale


Katherine has been my personal financial advisor for ten years.  It is the first time that I have had no anxieties around the way in which my affairs are handled.  I am confident that my requests will be answered promptly and with skill.

There have been occasions when I’ve needed to make big demands on her skill and time, and she has found solutions  in an easy cooperative way.

I appreciate the transparency in all our dealings, and am given regular updates and reports on my portfolio.  We have no problems with communication and I feel supported.  I sense that Katherine really cares about her clients.E

E. Long


Katherine Isbrandt has been my Financial Advisor for nearly 10 years. When she changed company I followed her! I have found her advice to be sound, appropriate to my situation and clearly explained. She is very accessible and prompt in responding to enquiries.

Margaret Lord


Approximately 12 months ago I was recommended to speak with Katherine as I needed some advice about my financial future.
Let me explain.  I am a single mum, working full time who does not own property and has little in the bank.

Katherine met with me and has from day one, made me feel like her most valuable client!
She has given me valuable advice, initiated some changes, and has helped put my mind at ease regarding my future.
I know she will continue to look out for me and tweak things around for me as my circumstances change.

Katherine is kind, approachable, genuinely caring and loves a laugh!
I am very happy to recommend her to all of my friends.

Ramona Schick 


I have known Katherine Isbrandt for over 3 years having been recommended to her by a friend after the death of my husband.

My financial future had to be restructured and this was done promptly and professionally. I have found Katherine to be very easy to discuss with all aspects of my situation and she is always available for advice. I would have no hesitation in recommending her.

Anne, March 2016


Since 2002 we have entrusted our financial planning and that of a late parent to Katherine.
Her knowledge is sound and her advice is unpressured and tailored to our current and future needs.

Our peace of mind has only grown as has our trust in Katherine.  She is ethically beyond reproach.

Bev & Phil Gale


Katherine took over management of my superannuation fund in 2006. For me, the nickname I gave her back then of ‘Wonder Woman ‘ still stands! I’m also happy to know her now as a friend, whom I can sincerely recommend to you.

Andrew Banks Wainwright, Glen Iris  March 2016.


For ten years Katherine has overseen my husband Andrew ‘s superannuation portfolio with complete integrity. We have also sought general financial advice from her over that time and know that we can trust her to give the best advice possible. Initially our relationship with Katherine was at a purely business level but, over the years, we have come to know her as a trusted friend; who has my full recommendation.

Gale Wainwright March, 2016.

Generally past experience of financial advice was to look at individual products rather than an overall best fit to my needs. When I first met Katherine her interest was in me rather than what she could sell, as a result I thought she would be ideal to introduce to my wife and have a general chat. Katherine was able to identify some savings as much as weigh up our goals and individual differences with the result to build and tailor a plan for each of us, while explaining to us the differences and things to consider. Since then she has also undertaken estate planning and ensured that the nuances of our situations are both covered and defined. Her liaison with the legal side and us ensured we were both happy and understood the jargon.

We happily recommend her in particular to those a bit disillusioned by this industry.

 Kyle & Karen Joustra


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