What is Financial Planning


“The future depends on what we do in the present”
Mahatma Gandhi

Wikipedia explains: “Financial Planning is a comprehensive evaluation of an individual’s current and future financial strategy using known variables to predict future outcome, income, asset values, and withdrawal plans. This often includes a budget, series of steps for spending and saving in the future, financial investment, risk management, estates or retirement plans. Financial Planning should cover all areas of the client’s financial needs and result in the achievement of each of the client’s goals as required.”

To put simply, your financial plan is a blueprint, step by step guide, to move forward in the most efficient and effective way in order to achieve your specific personal or family goal(s). Just like your health, home or your car it requires ongoing looking after and management. This is where the advice of an experienced Financial Planner can be of a great asset.

During our meeting we will cover the following (applicable) issues:

Investment Planning
Planning, creating and managing your savings to generate future capital and cash flows for reinvestment or any other specific goal. It also includes managing your specific risk towards investing and how to deal with the issue of inflation.

Your budget and how to pay off your debts fast
We discuss current spending habits and the ways to improve utilising you money to be debt-free as soon as possible 

Family Security via Insurance
If the family has outstanding debts it is essential to provide appropriate financial security in the event of you not being able to work due to sickness, disability or death. 

Retirement Planning
Planning for financial independence at retirement.

Tax Planning
Planning the reduction of tax liabilities and freeing-up of cash for other purposes (e.g. investments or debt reduction)

Estate Planning
Planning the creation, accumulation, conservation and distribution of all assets acquired.

Age Pension 
Strategies to improve eligibility for Age Pension and ongoing maintenance of Centrelink payments.

Aged Care
Reorganise your financial assets to improve your application for the Age Care facility and if possible reduce ongoing fees.

Business Succession Planning
This area is specifically dealing with issues of small business ownership including cash-flow, risk management, succession planning.

Your existing bills 
We all try to save money on our daily expenses, so to make sure that you have the best deal, let’s do the last check and enjoy your savings.


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