Investment Planning


“You keep putting one foot in front of the other, and then one day you look back
You have climbed a mountain.”
Tom Hiddleston


Get excited about creating your investment plan

Your savings, simply put, is the amount left over from the amount you earned after subtracting your living expenditure.

A prudent person will usually end up with a positive amount of savings, but most people tend to rely on credit to meet financial commitments.

This needs to change. In Australia credit is far too easy to obtain and this is the reason why families are unable to get ahead. Please view an article about some simple budgeting ideas.

There are specific rules that I introduce to my clients to follow, and with a detailed plan, a little “hard-love” and commitment, big savings outcomes can be achieved.

I would love to assist you with creating the best savings plan to achieve your goals. We will spend time discovering your goals (and I don’t mean only financial) and you might be surprised what you can discover about yourself.

Issues to consider when deciding on investment strategy:
  • Your reason / goal for the investment 
  • Your Risk Profiles and where you fit
  • Budget
  • Investment Portfolio
  • Management of investment risk
  • Investment timeframe
  • Tax implications
  • Estate Planning issues

All above listed issues could be quite overwhelming and this is where input of my professional advice will bring you a huge benefit.


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