Save on Bills


“The difference between a miracle and a fact
is exactly
The difference between a mermaid and a seal.”
Mark Twain


Money doesn’t grow on trees, do you have the best deal on your utilities bills?

Utilities bills can be very confusing, with different rates, depending on the hour you switch your lights on, or start your dishwasher or washing machine.

We have peak rates and off peak rates. We have discounts on those bills, but is the discount based on the same rate?

This can be head spinning if one wants to properly understand the logic.

But at the end of the day each company is out there to make a profit and you are the one to pay for it.

Many of my clients asked me to explain bills to them and advise if they have the best deal or should they look for another provider and a better deal. So I have decided to come to the rescue and introduce an additional service by which I am able to review your bills.

Bills included in my review:
  • Gas
  • Electricity
  • Mobile phone plans (even if you would like to buy a new phone)
  • Home phone (traditional or voice over internet)
  • NBN
  • Broadband

This is not a new service idea. Remember companies such as Choosi, Compare the Market, iSelect or OneBigSwitch? They all advertise as the best to find an unbeatable deal for you.  They give quotes for insurance products, utilities companies or telecommunication.

They do not know their customers as well as I know my clients, and most certainly I genuinely want to assist my clients while most of those companies are big corporations whose main concern is signing a new business, and then…….move to the next one, and the next. Once you sign up, you become a number. There is no personalised service.

Big corporate companies deal with their customers, I service my clients.


Contact me if you wish to have your bills reviewed